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The Founder.

I founded Project Beacon with one goal in mind:

Create lucrative networking in the cannabis space for those who wish to expand into the Asian market.

With such an extensive range of creative professions in the cannabis industry, it’s becoming essential for more people to shake hands and start something new.

Until Project Beacon, I’ve had the pleasure of overseeing the market development for Elixinol. I have established great partnerships and befriended decision-makers of different businesses in the cannabis space – all around the world.

I’m based in London, and Project Beacon is a worldwide operation.

– Heesoo

What Project Beacon delivers.

Extensive Networking

Project Beacon connects you to every decision maker at every stage of the supply chain – networking that’s far above your average day on LinkedIn.

Market Entry to Asia

As the world slowly learns the benefits of cannabis, there’s an exploding demand in Asia. Project Beacon partners in Asia are actively in demand for numerous products, services and training – and lack of networking only causes friction in the market.

Project Beacon ensures your fair share of the Asian market by continuously procuring relationships with leaders in Asia.

Brokering Exclusive Rights

A relationship isn’t enough. To attain the best partnerships, we broker exclusive contracts between key decision-makers in Asia.

Medicinal Cannabis Training

We provide world-class medicinal cannabis specialists, medical training with government enforced certificates.

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The lack of networking in the cannabis space only adds more friction than there is already with politics & regulations in a lot of countries.

Cold outreach via email or LinkedIn is simply too impractical.

Personal relationships and facilitating the best partnerships that satisfy all parties… That’s what we cater for.

Asian Market

Due to cultural differences and politics, the public misperception in Asia pertaining to cannabis has become the largest roadblock for the cannabis industry.

Rather than having to walk on thin ice in the unknown, Project Beacon engages with government officials to make leeway for certified trade.

Read our case study with Jungle Brands – how we facilitated their exclusive market entry to South Korea completely from ground zero.


ICCM (International College of Cannabinoid Medicine) aims to provide top-tier training in medicinal cannabis for healthcare practitioners. It also aims to educate the general public and unwind the misinformation.

Project Beacon’s x ICCM offers businesses highly relevant and quality information. We provide research data for businesses that need strong credentials to strengthen the legitimacy of the product and reduce friction in trade.

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